LaTeX template package:

LaTeX template package


This package provides LaTeX style files for ASTR journal articles. spr-astr-addons.sty style file contains additional macros and is designed to use with class aastex.cls. There is also included, which contains the AASTeX v5.2 class file (aastex.cls), documentation, and sample files. The sample files include graphics and supplemental materials files as well as example LaTeX files.

Contents of a .zip file

Following files are included in the distribution:
AASTeX package;
The LaTeX style to be used with aastex.cls;
Template file;
BibTeX style;
journal sample articles;
journal sample articles (pdf file);
Short instruction on manuscript preparation.


  • unpack file;
  • unpack file;
  • install aastex.cls in your TeX system (suggested directory: aastex), if its not already there;
  • install spr-astr-addons.sty in your TeX system where you usually put your local styles (suggested directory: aastex-addons);
  • use the file template.tex to start your article as a template;
  • use the file sample.tex as a reference for how to prepare a frontmatter of your article;


  • natbib.sty is a standard package available in all tex distributions for more then ten years, but one of the old versions is still included in In case you have no natbib package in your distribution, we recommend you to do not install this version, but to download a newer one from the internet.
  • BibTeX file spr-mp-nameyear-cnd.bst is compatible only with natbib package.

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