LaTeX template package:

LaTeX template package


This package provides American Physical Society (APS) BibTeX reference style (aps-nameyear.bst) for Springer journals. There are also included few example files (.tex, .bib, .pdf) showing how to use BibTeX style file and how it would look like.

Contents of a .zip file

Following files are included in the distribution:

aps-nameyear.bst (2013-04-23)
BibTeX style for author-year citations;
The LaTeX macro commands for APS bibliography;
Template file;
Journal sample article with APS bibliography (.pdf file);
BibTeX database file;


  • unpack file;
  • install aps-nameyear.bst and aps-bibstyle.sty in your TeX system where LaTeX could find them;
  • use the file template.tex to start your article as a template;
  • Important: template.tex uses svjour3.cls LaTeX style file which you should download from Springer site.
    Check in FAQ for the question: Does Springer provide templates and style files for preparing a journal article?
    Base-URL for updates is here.


  • BibTeX file aps-nameyear.bst is compatible only with natbib package.
  • The natbib.sty package is an extension to LaTeX to allow author-year citations along with numerical citations.
    It's available in all TeX distributions. Read the natbib manual for various types of citation commands.
    You can find the manual in CTAN page or you can try to type in command line:
    >texdoc natbib
    If you use a standard TeX distribution, the PDF manual should show up.

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