webBIBS for the imsart users
Step 0: Overview

webBIBS (Web Bibliography Processing Service) will help to prepare a high quality bibliography in your LaTeX working paper. The result will fully comply with the requirements of the publisher. In addition, all the processed references will be available for download in a BibTeX file.

The process consists of three steps*:

  • Upload file. A LaTeX file prepared with the imsart class is uploaded and preprocessed;
  • Process bibliography. The bibliography records are automatically processed:
    • Web databases (including MathSciNet and PubMed) are searched and original references are replaced with found ones;
    • references not found are automatically structured;
    • all the references are enriched and normalized;
    • bibliography is properly formatted and placed in the LaTeX file;
  • Examine results. The results are presented and the modified LaTeX file as well as the BibTeX file may be downloaded.

* Please navigate through the screens using the buttons on the page instead of your browser's 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons.