Additional options and commands in ectaart class


ectaart class works in following way:

  • sets own options;
  • loads article class with required options (12pt in draft mode, 10pt in final mode);
  • pass options to other packages (amsmath,hyperref);
  • sets various dimensions (\textwidth, \textheight etc.);
  • defines own macros and formatting of frontmatter part of article;
  • checks if some packages are loaded (amsmath,hyperref,natbib) and make adjustments to them according to Econometrica style;

Following ectaart options could be used in \documentclass[...]{ectaart}

  • draft = [12pt, titlepage, doublespacing, linenumbers, infoline];
  • final =[10pt, notitlepage, singlespacing, nolinenumbers, noinfoline];
  • titlepage print the title page (default in draft mode);
  • notitlepage do not print the title page (default in final mode);
  • doublespacing set the double spacing (default in draft mode);
  • singlespacing set the single spacing (default in final mode);
  • linenumbers print line numbers on margins (default in draft mode);
  • nolinenumbers turn off line numbers (default in final mode);
  • infoline print id line at bottom of the page (default in draft mode );
  • noinfoline turn off id line (default in final mode);

Options draft and final must be set first, since LaTeX process options from left to right. If, for example, you do not want to print title page in draft mode, options must be set in following order: \documentclass[draft,notitlepage]{ectaart}.

Following commands could be used in frontmatter environment:

  • \runtitle{} - redefines odd page running head;
  • \runauthor{} - redefines even page running head;
  • \thankstext{label1}{text} - print "thanks" footnote and assigns "thanks" counter value to "label1";
  • \thanksref{label1,label2} - print labels values;
  • \ead[label=e1]{} - assign email address "" to label "e1";
  • \ead[label=e2,url]{} - assign http address "" to label "e2";
  • \printead{e1,e2} - print labels values;
  • \corref{} - used to indicate corresponding author (no action);
  • \fnms{} - used to indicate author's first name;
  • \snm{} - used to indicate author's surname;

Additional commands:

  • \bysame{} is used in Reference section to indicate "same author" (long dash);
  • \setpkgattr{foo}{type}{\command} could be used to set various settings of ectaart package. It's the same as \def\foo@type{\command}.

Use of commands above could be found in file ecta-sample-draft.tex.

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