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LaTeX class file ectaart

This class file is suggested to use for the submissions for the Econometrica journal by the Econometric Society. Package is released under the free LaTeX Project Public License.

This LaTeX 2e package is a modification of standard article class. The package introduces some new commands for the frontmatter part of an article and change visual appearance of some article elements. Package recognizes and supports hyperref package.

Class file ectaart has the following main options:

  • draft must be used for the initial submission;
  • final must be used for the prepublication (default);

Additional resources:



Please follow these simple guidlines:

  • use the latest LaTeX 2e distribution;
  • avoid using your own definitions or macros as much as possibly;
  • avoid direct tampering with LaTeX counters (\setcounter{} and similar commands);
  • take your attention to the logical markup and correct LaTeX code and not to the visual appearance of the document;
  • use a symbolic referencing (\ref, \cite, \label) commands as much as possible;
  • preferable format for the graphics is .eps format;

Recommended packages:

  • article (main class);
  • amsmath (advanced macros for math);
  • amsthm (theorem, definition, proof type environments);
  • natbib (reimplementation of \cite command to work with author-year and numerical citations);
  • graphics (inclusion of graphics);
  • hyperref (making links active in pdf);
  • hypernat (fix to the natbib if hyperref is used);


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