LaTeX package imsart

 LaTeX package imsart

LaTeX package imsart

This LaTeX 2e class is based on standart article class. It works as follows:

  • introduces options aop, lnms, sts etc. for various journals;
  • passes required options to additional packages, maybe loaded by user (amsmath, amsthm etc.)
  • loads standart article class with required options;
  • loads imsart package with changes to article class and introduces some new commands;
  • it recognizes and supports the hyperref package;

It is suggested that this package be used together with the standard LaTeX packages:

  • amsmath (advanced macros for math)
  • amsthm (theorem, definition, proof type environments)
  • natbib (reimplementation of \cite command to work with author-year and numerical citations)
  • graphics (inclusion of graphics)
  • hyperref (making links active in pdf)

imsart has the following options:


  • preprint settings for the final version
  • submission settings for the submission (default)
  • doublespacing set the double spacing
  • singlespacing set the single spacing (default)
  • linenumbers print line numbers on margins
  • nolinenumbers turn off line numbers (default)
  • infoline print id line at bottom of the page (default)
  • noinfoline turn off id line
  • linksfromyear makes a hyperlink only from year component of the cite command. Use this option when
    • it's a author-year type of citation
    • natbib and hyperref packages are used
    • the driver is dvips

We ask authors to use the default settings for their original submission.


  • imslayout layout is as in AAP, AOP, AOS journals (could be used when no journal option is specified);
  • stslayout layout is as in STS journal (could be used when no journal option is specified);
  • keywordsasfootnote print keywords as footnote
  • historyasfootnote print history (received, revised...) as footnote
  • addressasfootnote print addresses as footnote
  • addressatend print addresses at end of document
  • autosecdot print "." after inline section headings
  • noautosecdot do not print "." after inline section headings
  • amsmath load amsmath package with correct settings
  • amsthm load amsthm package with correct settings
  • natbibload natbib package with corerect settings

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