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IMS Collections
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The purpose of this package is to prepare preliminary pages to the IMS Collections volume:

  • Title page;
  • Copyright page;
  • Contents of volume;
  • Preface to volume;
  • List of Contributors;

Contents of a .zip file

Following files are included in the distribution:

imsart prelims package;
IMS logo on a title page (.eps file);
IMS logo on a title page (.pdf file);
template for the prelims pages of entire IMS Collections volume;
prelims sample pages;
prelims sample pages (pdf file);


  • unpack .zip file;
  • install imsartprelims.sty, imslogo.eps, imslogo.pdf in your TeX system (suggested directory: imsart);
  • use the file coll-prelims-template.tex to start your IMS Collections prelim pages as a template;
  • use the file coll-prelims-sample.tex as a reference for how to prepare a frontmatter of your article;

We will assume that .tex filename is coll-prelims.tex in the examples below.

Preliminary steps

The following rules must be kept to prepare ToC and contributors list automatically:

  • all articles must be prepared with imsart package at least version 2006/08/23;
  • the information for the list of contributors must be included in all files:
    \contributor{Author, F.}{Some University}
  • if article was uploaded to arXiv, an arXiv id must be supplied in article .tex file:
  • use of hyperref package is recommended;

Title and copyright pages

Code for these pages should look like this:


\volumetitle{Volume Title}


\editor{Some Editor, Editor}

\serieseditor{Name Surname}

LCCN and ISBN numbers must be obtained from IMS office.


To prepare a table of contents you must:

  • copy all .aux files of articles to working directory. All articles must be compiled with imsart package version starting from 2006/08/23. We will refer to those files as chapter1.tex, chapter2.tex,...;
  • create a file files.txt with the filenames in correct order (you could do it with simple command dir /b *.aux > files.txt ). The contents of files.txt must be as follows:
  • add (or uncomment) the following lines to your .tex file (coll-prelims.tex):
  • compile .tex file. A file coll-prelims.tob will appear. Insert contents of this file into your .tex file:
    \contentsline{title}{Title of Chapter 1}{1}
    \contentsline{author}{First Author, Second Author and Third Author }{1}
  • edit contents if required. You could add parts with commands
    \contentsline{section}{Part A}{}
  • pdf linking of contents lines to articles could be obtained by replacing key none with:
    • file - ToC will be linked to filenames;
    • arxiv - ToC will link via arxiv numbers;
    • doi - ToC will link via doi numbers;
  • environment \begin{files}...\end{files} could be removed from the .tex file.


Code for the Preface should look like this:






To prepare a "Contributors to this volume" you must:

  • run a MakeIndex program on the file coll-prelims.idx. You will get file coll-prelims.ind;
  • Insert contents of this file into your .tex file:
      \item Author, F., \textit {Some University}
      \item Author, S., \textit {Some University}
      \item Author, T., \textit {Another University}

Uploading IMS Collections volume files to the arXiv

The following procedure is suggested for the uploading of entire IMS Collections volume to arXiv:

  • Upload each article of the volume to arXiv;
  • Get the arXiv id for each article, insert it into .tex files with command \arxiv{math.PR/0000000}, recompile the files and reupload the files to arXiv (arXiv id number will appear on copyright lines);
  • Prepare the coll-prelims.tex file as described above. Use the hyperref package and the key arxiv
  • upload the coll-prelims.tex to arXiv;
  • ToC in this file will be hyperlinked to the articles in arXiv;
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