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 LaTeX Packages for Publishing with IMS/BS/IHP/BJPS
Packages for IMS/BS/IHP/BJPS publications
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LaTeX Packages for Publishing with IMS/BS/IHP/BJPS

The author package for each publication contains:

  • LaTeX 2e class file imsart.cls and package imsart.sty (common for all publications);
  • bibtex styless imsart-nameyear.bst, imsart-number.bst (could be used only with imsart package);
  • topmatter template (.tex file);
  • sample file for an article in publication layout (.pdf file);
  • source file for the sample above (.tex file).

Packages for IMS/BS/IHP/BJPS publications

Additional resources

Web Services for Authors

Imssuport mailing list

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Changes in support services

  • 2013.05.28 imsart.sty
    • keyword key MSC added (MSC 2010 subject classifications:);
  • 2012.03.13 imsart.sty
    • new option linksfromyear (makes a hyperlink only from year component of the cite command)
  • 2011.01.24 imsart-nameyear.bst,imsart-number.bst,imsart.sty
    • changes in the bibliography styles;
  • 2010.08.03 imsart.sty
    • \tableofcontents fixed;
  • 2010.04.27 imsart.cls,imsart.sty
    • support for the Stochastic Systems added (option ssy);
  • 2009.11.26 Web BibTeX Tool service added
  • 2009.08.13 imsart.cls,imsart.sty
    • bibtex styles imsart-number.bst,imsart-nameyear.bst added to the distribution packages;
    • options [numbers,sort&compress] removed from the natbib package;
  • 2009.05.21 imsart.cls,imsart.sty
    • support for the Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics added (option bjps);
    • structured bibliography commands introduced (for the use with online bibliography tools);
  • 2009.02.27 imsart.sty
    • default hyperref links colors are set to blue;
    • smart \MR command (code suggested by Vilmos Prokaj);
  • 2008.11.19 imsartprelims.sty, templates, samples
    • ISSN number for IMS Collections changed;
    • hyperref settings in samples and templates changed;
  • 2008.08.29 imsart.sty
    • supplement environment added;
  • 2007.12.10 imsart.sty,imsart.cls
    • support for the Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré - Probabilités et Statistiques added (option aihp);
    • multiple abstracts;
    • abstract have an attribute [language=...];
    • \atltitle{} - title in another language;
  • 2007.08.22 imsart.cls
    • citation style for AOAS set to nameyear (natbib must be loaded);
  • 2007.02.28 acmtrans-ims.bst
    • some bugs fixed;
  • 2007.02.20 imsart.sty,imsart.cls
    • support for the Electronic Journal of Statistics added (option ejs);
    • support for The Annals of Applied Statistics added (option aoas);
  • 2007.01.24 imsart.sty,imsart.cls
    • support for the journal Bernoulli added (option bj);
    • support for The Annals of Applied Statistics added (option aoas);
  • 2006.12.07 acmtrans-ims.bst bibtex style fixed;
  • 2006.09.07 imsart.sty,imsart.cls
    • new options introduced: imslayout, stslayout (could be used when no journal option is specified);
  • 2006.08.23 imsart.sty,imsart.cls
    • imsart could be used as class (imsart.cls);
    • "author's addresses" secion added to bookmarks (aap,aop,aos);
    • completely new STS layout;
    • \tableofcontents adjusted, could be used in frontmatter part;
    • support for IMS Collections Table of Contents (COLL prelims);
    • support for IMS Collections "List of Contributors" (\contributor{Author, F.}{University});
    • command \arxiv{math.PR/0000000} introduced to provide link to article location in arXiv
    • internal change: \@journal{} changed to \journal@name
    • \ead{} correctly sets the pdf link when "http://" prefix is used;
    • \ead[...,nopdflink]{} supresses pdf link;
    • a lot of internal changes;
    • fix of a bug with newer hyperref versions (\orig@footnotetext)
    • equation numbers are at left for IMS Collections layout;
  • 2006.03.07 imsart.sty:
    • command \volumename{} is introduced;
    • small changes for IMS Collections option (addresses will be positioned on title page);
    • pdf document properties could be changed with commands \pdftitle{}, \pdfsubject{}, \pdfauthor{};
  • 2006.01.20 imsart FAQ page added
  • 2006.01.11 coll-template.tex a template for IMS Collections is made more simple
  • 2006.01.04 imsart.sty support for the Statistics Surveys added
  • 2005.12.20 acmtrans-ims.bst Bibtex style adds \MR{} tags if available. BatchMRef service is also affected.
  • 2005.10.19 imsart.sty Fix of a bug in bibliography (options aap, aop, aos,sts). \@footnotetext is changed due to the arXiv hyperref setup

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